Less controversial Amazon alternatives
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Less controversial Amazon alternatives

Less controversial Amazon alternatives

Do you also have friends around you starting to boycott Amazon, whether they want to shop somewhere else online or if they prefer to sell their products elsewhere? But you have no clue why someone would turn their back to one of the biggest and most profitable eCommerce platforms of the 21st century?

It is no secret now that the empire of Amazon has become problematic over the years. While some consider its power is killing smaller businesses, and even more during the pandemic (Blog: Quantifying the effect of COVID-19 on small business around the world (intracen.org), Amazon doubled its profit during a pandemic - The Verge), others would talk about the company's huge environmental impact.

Amazon also plays its part in numerous scandals about its employees' poor working conditions, like when workers have to urinate in plastic bottles or when we've seen countless accidents in its warehouses. One could also mention the problem of massive tax evasion or the shocking wealth of its founder Jeff Bezos.

Another reason why people would prefer to use other retail platforms to sell their product is Amazon being one of the most expensive eCommerce websites, with monthly fees of $39.99, combined with fees for each item you sell. Besides, when you sell on Amazon, you compete against Amazon products, which can hardly work in your favor, considering the company's competitiveness in terms of reputation and pricing.

Here are two lists of alternatives to this behemoth so that you can switch from Amazon

  1. as a niche seller

2. as an occasional seller

You can also look for a marketplace selling specific products:

  • For handcrafted products, you can check Etsy
  • For (second-hand) clothes, you can check Vinted
  • For vintage or antique products, you can check Ruby Lane

Every business has its alternative. From now on, you can stop using Amazon and find something that corresponds more precisely to what you're looking for.