Weengs - handling logistics for the merchants
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Weengs - handling logistics for the merchants

Weengs - handling logistics for the merchants

Weengs, as they are known, gather orders from merchants' stores regularly, properly packs them, and sends them to clients from the Weengs warehouse.

Founded by Alex Christodoulou and Greg Zontanos, it provides a "ship-from-store" logistics solution that handles collection, packing, and delivery for small and medium-sized online stores of various types, including eBay and Amazon power sellers and brick-and-mortar stores with an e-commerce component.


It has secured £6.5 million in Series A investment thus far. Oxford Capital led the round, with Weeng's initial investors Local Globe, Cherry Ventures, and VentureFriends following closely behind.

The underlying concept

Time is money, making e-commerce prohibitively expensive. Time spent on fulfillment has long been a silent killer for e-commerce firms, and the Weengs fulfillment service saves its customers four hours per day on average.

Store owners may devote their time to be more profitable and distinguishing parts of their business, such as sales and marketing, by outsourcing time-consuming and labor-intensive logistics.

Weengs can pack and transport a wide range of things throughout the world, from plants to musical instruments, as well as common commodities like cosmetics and gadgets.

Addressing a significant issue in a rapidly expanding market

This year, 18% of all retail purchases in the UK are projected to be made online.

By 2040, it is expected that e-commerce would enable 95 percent of purchases. In response to the increase in online orders, retailers are switching to a ship-from-store model.

Ship-from-store enables merchants to be more responsive to customer demand.

Future Prospect

The firm is supposed to be working with retailers to develop a data integration solution that will help them better meet their fulfillment demands, such as delivery speed, package customization, and matching with the best last-mile carrier.

Weengs is expected soon to provide full bespoke packaging automation using technology and unique software, allowing the company to fulfill over 15,000 orders per day.